Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Road To The Last Jedi: The Emotional Depth Of Red

Speculation is strong in a Star Wars fans life. Many have noticed the prominence of the color Red in The Last Jedi logo and in these amazing portraits released to the public during the D23 convention :

My first thoughts on the color red went to the Chakra system. the representation of the Root Chakra is this :

Color Matters  describes Red as " The color of extremes". Besides passionate love and seduction Red relates to danger, anger and adventure.  I can really see these themes relating to where our heroes we left at the end of The Force Awakens.  And the little tidbits we have about TLJ :

Finn and Rose go on a dangerous mission.

Kylo Ren must deal with the repercussions of murdering his father and continuing his Sith training.

Red is also thought to be the first color after Black and White. Which can be applied to a certain Jedi's path over the years.

So what are your speculations about Red and The Last Jedi. Does it pedict a death? I'm counting the days til December 15th!

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