Thursday, August 10, 2017

Road To The Last Jedi: New Revelations by EW

Every since the D23 Convention a few weeks ago fans have been speculating when the next info drop for The Last Jedi would happen. Today EW released an extensive sneak peek of  The Last Jedi news on their website. 

The info was broken up into five different parts with videos filmed by Anthony Breznican framing each part of the story.  The videos give fans insights into the character arcs of the cast and some never before seen pics.

First off her is one of the special covers being released this Friday:

The first group of photos in the article show Rey and Luke on Ahch-To. Rian teases that Luke's reaction to Rey may not be as welcoming as fans would expect.

Ew also introduced us to the caretakers of Ahch-To :

And a new picture of Chewie and a porg that brought squeals of delight to many . They are so cute!!

One of the strongest reveals in this story was Finn's journey with Rose. Breznican shares that Finn wakes from his injuries to find many now see him as a hero. Finn however still feels torn about his new role. He almost falls into his old patterns and wants to run. Only the influence of the mechanic Rose puts him on a path to help the Resistance once more.

And lastly we get a look at the First Order with shots of Kylo's new look, his new ride and  the  guards of  Snoke.

I really loved these pictures, and reading quotes from Rian Johnson about his vision for the film. Star Wars fans love to make pattern connections, so many are expecting The Last Jedi to take a darker slant story wise but it was great to hear Rian say he didn't pattern his story to echo The Empire Strikes Back. These pics have me so excited! I'm looking forward to picking up this issue Friday.

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