Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hallowreads: Sabrina Volume 1

If you haven't dived into this series you are missing out on a horror classic! This is a companion book to the Afterlife With Archie zombie series by Archie and the origin story of Sabrina Spellman

It's a bloody origin! Sabrina is taken from her mother at birth and raised by her Aunt's. This is a result of a deal her Father made in order to break tradition and marry a human,

The years past and it's the cusp of Sabrina's sixteenth birthday. Soon she must decide if she wants to give herself body and soul to Satan in order to keep her powers, or renounce everything and live a human life. It's Sabrina's sweet boyfriend Harvey that gives Sabrina pause and also the thought of mysteries that havent been fully explained to her.

The art on this book is fantastic! It's moody and terrifying. I can't wait to dive into volume 2.

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