Sunday, November 26, 2017

Road To The Last Jedi: Sisters of The Resistance

Family Connections are a huge part of the Star Wars saga and The Last Jedi is not only giving us two new diverse characters, but they are also sisters! Little is known about Rose and Paige Tico but there are a few clues out in the wild:

Cobalt Squadron is releasing December !5, 2017, so you can assume that there is some spoilers contained in this middle grade read. We know that Paige is a pilot, possibly a gunner from the promotional materials.

 Rose is a mechanic. So both are involved in some ways with combat missions. I'll confess the little info we are receiving on Paige makes me worried that she doesnt survive the film, but also it could also mean she has a bigger role in the climax of the film.

I snatched up both of the figures below on Force Friday and I'm glad I did. I have rarely seen either figure on the shelves since. Both figures are wonderfully detailed, especially paige's helmet.  I'm so happy to see continued representaion in the Star Wars franchise. Holding these figures in my hand made me feel that the day when I hold a carded figure of a Black Woman in my hands is not to far off.

Rose is also wonderfully reprsented in the FUNKO product line there is a figure of her in Imperial disguise and in her wok clothes :

I'm so excited to learn more about the TIco sisters, December 15th can't get here fast enough!

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Deanna Reads said...

I'll have to get my hands on this one! I'm glad Star Wars is becoming more diverse in its characters but there is definitely more they can be doing.