Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sci-Fi Month Review: The Force Doth Awaken

As I was consuming the many The Force Awakens tie in books I was wondering if  Ian would be doing one for FA. I was so happy to learn Quirk was doing a seventh book and they sent me one to review.
Like the six volumes before this book is a slim hardcover beautifully illustrated by Nicolas Delort.
 The cover of illustration of Bb-8 makes me smile every time I see it. After seeing how R2 D2 got a "voice" in the other books I was curious to see how Bb-8 would be treated. There is a special code to Bb's dialogue but I'm still working on it.
I do adore what Ian has done with Chewbacca this time. his various roars now have footnotes that give us his inner thoughts and dialogue.
I also loved the inner monologues of Rey and Finn and their interactions come off a little sweeter in rhyme format.
There are also some beautiful soliloquies in this book. My favorites were Chewie's after Han Solo's death and Rey's in the moment before she bests Kylo in the final lightsaber battle.
And Rey's parting words at Finn's bedside are also tear jerkers. I really hope this series continues with episode 8!


imyril said...

Now I'm all intrigued about Shakespearean BB8 :)

Lisa McCurrach said...

Same. :D