Monday, January 8, 2018

Review: SW The Last Jedi : Bomber Command by Jason Fry

I have to confess, I was really disappointed in Paige's role in The Last Jedi.  When I first saw Rose and Paige I was really excited to see two women of color who were also sisters! I immediately brought the Paige and Rose figures when they came out. I also loved seeing little asian girls on social media dressing up as Rose and Paige. 

So I was really diappointed when *spoilers* Paige was basically "redshirted" in the opening scenes of the movie with only one word of dialogue.

I know that there are many factors that lead to a final cut of a film, but the choice with Paige felt like the old pattern of limiting how many diverse characters can appear in a film.

Bomber Command  really helped my bruised feelings about Paige. The book is told in journal format in the voice of Paige. In this book we learn about the Bomber ships and the pilots that fly them. Paige shares info about her and Rose's past as well as insights about the chain of command amongst the bomber crew. 

I really enjoyed the fold out pages and the galactic maps in this volume and hering Paige's "voice" in the narration of the book. A really nice volume that does the perfect job of tying into the movie along with lots of background information. A nice read.

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