Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Review: Star Wars Forces of Destiny Ahsoka & Padme`

This issue is written by Beth Revis and contains art by Valentina Pinto. The story is based on the FOD episode The Imposter Inside. 

Revis adds texture to the story by showing us a training fight between Ahsoka and my heart, Bariss! The two engage in a fierce sparring session which Ahsoka wins. Bariss however questions some of Ahsoka's choices in the training fight and how they would translate into a real world fight.
Ahsoka seeks to calm her mind in a meditation session until Padme comes to ask her help with a delegation dinner. The character and personaity of the Arhurians are also fleshed out in this story as a rogue element is caught trying to sabatogue the upcoming meeting.

A really nice adaptation of the FOD episode with some stylish touches. A great read.

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