Monday, February 5, 2018

Review: SW Forces of Destiny Rose & Paige

IDW Publishing has had a lot of success with their Star Wars Adventures comics. Now they have released 5 comics staring the ladies of the StarWars universe.

Rose & Paige is one of the first ones I picked up in the series and I really enjoyed this story.

Delilah S, Dawson is the writer of this story and  it's illustrated by nicoletta Baldari and Tom B. Long. The story revolves around the Resistance trying to find resources on their base on D'Qar.

The Resistance is desperate to find water and food, but they don't want to waste precious fuel.

Rose has a plan to make some vehicles that run on rechargeable batteries. Paige encourages Rose to build her idea and the two go on an adventure across the planet. 

I loved the sisterly bond between Rose and Paige and the animation style of the art. The one complaint I had was General Leia's facial features in the story were a little off, I wasn't a fan of her look in the issue at all.

I love that this series exists and I'm looking forward to reading the others. This appears to be a new story, though a version of it may turn up as a FOD episode at some point.

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