Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Countdown To Solo: Jaxxon Returns in SW Adventures Annual

As The Cover shows this first annual from IDW features a story by John Jackson Miller called Mind Your Manners. It's a really nice story about a diplomatic trip to Sarka. Leia is trying to broker a deal with the locals to for gems , but the planets inhabitants are also working with the Empire. When Leia is injured Luke has to take her place or risk losing a powerful ally. 

Miller isn't any stranger to SW. he has written several Legends and New Canon novels like Kenobi and A New Dawn.  This is a fun action story that showcases both of Luke and Leia's skills.

The Second Story in this volume is The Lost Eggs of Livorno. This story brings back a Legends classic character Jaxxon, a big green bunny.  Jaxxon and his partner Amaiza(another Legends character) are taking a job delivering some precious eggs. Jaxxon gets double crossed by his partner and then hunts the eggs down to an auction being run by his former partner and some Imperial entanglements.

The story ends with a surprise appearance by Han Solo.  I loved this story and I hope this means that Jaxxon has officially entered the Canon universe. 

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