Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Countdown To Solo: Outfit Yourself And Your Crew With Her Universe

Guys! We are Double Digits away from Solo: A Star Wars Story. 23 Days! 22 if you are going to opening night fan events. On April 13 as I dashed from store to store gettiing Funko Pops and other Solo goodies and I stumbled across this shirt at Hot Topic, and my Solo collection began:

I'm always excited to see what Ashley and her team come up with for the Star Wars films. The Solo collection is comfy and stylish, and many of the pieces have small fandom touches, which means you could easily wear them in casual work, and play situations.

There are also some really beautiful blouses with subtle Star wars logos and vehicles like these:

The 70's vibe is strong with this collection and there are plus sizes available for the signature pieces of the collection. Here are some more great pieces that I have my eyes on:

Catch these great items while you can especially on May 4th when you might find some great deals at Her Universe.  May The Force Be With You and Your Wallet!


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