Thursday, May 31, 2018

Coyer Big Summer Birthday Bash!!

Coyer Challenge has been one of my favorite reading challenges! This summer Coyer is celebrating its 5th year with a huge blowout of reading challenges, mini-challenges and readathons.
I'm all in! Coyer Birthday Bash has challenges from all previous events.
Since Coyer Summer is alll about freedom you can read any format. That will be my main focus just reading down my books.
There are also 10 Goody categories and I am doing them all
I have a cleaning goal of 20. This means I want to read at least 20 books for the challenge. I also am doing The List here are the 15 books on my list. The goal is to read 10 of them:
The Victorian Reader
Astrophysics for people in a hurry
Financial Diet
It's your universe
Princess Diarist
Ta Te Ching
Hope In The Dark
Power of Habit
King Lear
Darth Plagueis
Edward the second
Rule of Two
Beyond the Aquila Rift
 I will be updating all my progress in this master post! Happy reading! Click the link above to learn more about Coyer!

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