Thursday, May 31, 2018

Female Figures 1: Rey Vintage and Padme Forces of Destiny

About six months ago I started looking at the way I collect Star Wars because of the influence of The Sandcrawler Podcast. I realized that my priorities are black series figures and supporting female characters. 

Here are my two latest acquisitions:

This version of Rey is part of Hasbro's Vintage Collection The card back has a classic look to it and even has the Kenner logo at the bottom. Since it is the Jakku version of Rey she is wearing her classic Force Awakens outfit with the addition of gloves, staff, backpack and the desert cowl. 

I don't plan on opening this one because I love everything about the look of this figure. I'm also on the hunt for the Jyn Erso figure from the line.

Forces of Destiny has been thrilling prequel fans of all ages. The animated episodes have esecially highlighted Padme, especially her problem solving skills, and also has strengthened her relationship with Ahsoka. Now she has her own FOD figure. The outfit showcases Padme in her pilot outfit and has swivel action that allows her to aim her blaster. Though Padme is known for her elaborate outfits in the prequels she also tailors her outfits to the needs of the situation, like pretending to be a handmaiden or fighting to take back her home world.

Padme's face sculpt is beautiful and the outfit is very detailed. A nice addition to the FOD line.

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