Sunday, May 6, 2018

Porg Life: Black Series & 10 Inch Porg Figure Reviews

I'm a Porg ADDICT! Since I first saw these cuties I've been collecting them. Here are my latest acquisitions:

Black Series Porgs

I was so excited for these that I paid way to much for them on amazon. Hasbro is a very tricky retailer to collect. I couldn't take the risk that these wouldn't be in a store near me. They are pretty widely available right now at reasonable prices so stock up!

These figures are very tiny and very detailed. I wouldn't recommend you keep them around small children or pets with a passion for plastic.

I really love that the figures are in two different poses. They do stand up on their own but are prone to toppling. These are a lot of fun for scene building and posing with characters.

10 Inch Target Porg Exclusive

Every since this figure was announced I was stressed. Target Exclusives are really hard to get and the anticipation for this figure was high.

I was extremely lucky to order this online and Target took amazing care in the packing so it was in perfect condition.

This Pop is incredible! it's an exact replica of the smaller version. Definitely the highlight of my Porg collection.

This one may be a bit hard to find but it's worth the hunt!

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