Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Review: Harley Loves Joker by Dini, Blevins, Sinclair

Harley has come a long way from her beginnings in the Batman Animated series. Fans like me have a soft spot for Harley and Mister J will enjoy this series by Dini and art by Blevins & Sinclair.

I was here for this book just because of Dini's involvement. This story has a nice balance of all the facets of Harley. We see her stressing about a major debt she owes but also working with Joker on a job. 

Harley's past intrudes on her suddenly when a costumed thief named The Grison intrudes on the job and then into even more personal parts of Harley's world.

It's interesting that this is only a two issue series, I would love a lot more by this creative team.

The art on this is lovely. I know many are fans of Harley's look in the Suicide Squad film but the Harlequin outfit will always be my favorite.

The Grison is cool diverse character with deep ties to Harley's past.

I'm definitely picking up issue two.

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