Monday, May 7, 2018

Review: LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

I was never into LEGO as a child. My time was consumed with movies, books and games. It wasnt until The Force Awakens premiered that I brought my first Star Wars LEGO. So when I found this book I knew I needed it to educae myself on all the cool Lego that I missed out on. 

This is not the most updated version of this book but I picked this one because of the Boba Fett mini figure.

Mini figures are my favorite parts of the sets so this book is perfect for me. This book covers the first six Star Wars films and also a few pages on Legends figures.

There are highly detailed photos of the individual figure, a smaller picture of any variant figures ( figures with different capes, hair etc.) , and a Data File that lets you know the number of the set the figure debuted in.

My want list for figures has grown since I really enjoyed all the information in this book I'm lookinf forward to getting the updated version.

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