Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Review: Star Wars Lando Double or Nothing by Barnes, Villanelli, & Mossa

One issue down and I'm already claiming this series as one of my favorite Star Wars comics of the year. Barnes and Villanelli have captured the essence of young Lando and L3-37.
This comic takes place before the fateful meeting between Han and Lando as shown in the Solo movie. Lando is admiring his recent additions to the Falcon and L3 is spending a lot of time holding her mechanical hand to her head at Lando's nonsense. As the pair arrive on the planet Batuv to get some luxury items when the meet Kristiss who seeks to get Lando to take on a mission to Kulgroon. Lando is resistant but fate has other plans, fate and a debt hanging over Lando's head. 
I looooved this book! The art has a stunning realistic feel to it. There is a thread of light that shines through every panel of the book. Such a gorgeous package of art and story. This is going to be a great ride. Don't miss out!

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