Sunday, July 8, 2018

Comic Book Round Up: Star Wars, Harbinger Wars, Wakanda Forever

There is something really fun about event comics during the summer. I picked up some really great books recently that have me fangirling out!

Star Wars 50 by Gillen, Larroca GURU-eFX, Cowles

What a gorgeous cover! I have been mostly reading the Star Wars comics through my MU app but I wanted the physical copy of this volume. This is the first part of a major arc called Hope Dies. The series is still working crafting stories in the time before the Empire Strikes Back.  The story opens with a celebration as the partnership between the Rebellion and Queen Trios has reached a successful fruition and a strong rebel fleet. Or has it? This story quickly brings Trios's betrayal revealed and the fallout is spectacular! For a few moments I forgot that I knew how this story would turn out. It takes a lot of talent to create tension in an existing franchise. A great read.

Lando Double or Nothing Issue 2 by Barnes, Villanelli. Mossa, & Caramagna

I'm really loving this story. Barnes has such a knack for duologue for Lando and L3. They radiate so much of the energy of the Solo movie. This issue showcases Lando's quick thinking and deft handling of the Falcon and progresses the story forward in an interesting manner.

Poe Dameron 28 by Soule, Unzueta, Prianto, Caramagna

This is part 3 of The Awakening arc and my heart is so full of love for these little snippets Charles has been giving us in the script. In this issue to surprise narrators talk about the events at star killer base and beyond. We also get some lovely Rey moments, a quote from the Jedi texts that will become your new favorite quote and a glimpse of where the missing members of Black Squadron are. Such an amazing read.

Harbinger Wars 2 Issue 2 by Kindt,Giorello.Rodriguez, & Guedes

Valiant does an amazing job of having consequences spin out of their characters actions. HW2 is a fun ride with all of Valiant's most popular characters and Livewire at the center doubling down on her recent actions and her commitment to protecting her charges. Livewire is such a great diverse character and I love that i question her choices from time to time. She is a complex character, and i continue to give kudos to the artistic team for rendering her so perfectly.

Amazing Spider-Man Wakanda Forever by Okorafor, Albuquerque, Arciniega, Sabino

I brought this issue to support the amazing Nnedi Okorafor and to support a diverse book. In this book the Dora Milage have come to New York and the are trying to capture Nakia, a former Milage who has an unhealthy attachment to T'Challa. In the midst of their goal they meet Spider-Man and have a team up ! This book really captured the feel of the old marvel team-up books. I'm looking forward to the other books in this series.

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