Sunday, August 5, 2018

Forces Of Destiny Comes to SWCT

The Star Wars Card Trader App has been a fun distraction for me for several years. It's an app where fans can collect digital trading cards by Topps. Over the years the app has morphed into a pay to play model but you can still enjoy the app with just using the free credits given every day to those with a verified account.

This week SWCT added a Forces of Destiny Set! I'm in love with these cards and have collected the entire set and one of the special melds. Here are a lok at the base set:

You can get one of these cards free as a kickoff bons to the set:

There are also a speciality set of Posters that you collect but they are a bit of a challenge:

These are such a fun addition to my collection be sure to check them out! if you need some help building your set send me a trade @yogikai in the app and I will help you out!

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