Friday, August 31, 2018

Review: Star Wars Rebels The Complete Season 4

It's taken me awhile to work through this DVD. My emotions have been on a rollarcoster since the finale, and our final goodbye to our beloved Rebel crew. This Blueray is a must have for Rebels fans. It's a love letter to the show. We get insights and interviews from the majority of the voice cast, a great piece on Kevin Kiner and the family connection to some of your favorite scores.

Dave Filoni is at the center of many of these special features. At last fans get to hear audio commentaries from Filoni himself on various topics that have been buzzing amongst the fan community.

The featurette Force Of Rebellion is a master class on how the force interweaves throughout Rebels and the galaxy as a whole. 

There are also six amazing audio commentaries by Dave including one of the final episode. I could listen to Dave talk Star Wars for hours! These audio commentaries are sure to be a hit with fans and are worth splurging for the blueray.

I really loved that an effort was made to include various creators from the show on the special features. 

I look forward to gooing through this last season and the other 3 seasons again, knowing how the journey ends puts the whole series into perspective. A very satisfying finale set.

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