Friday, September 13, 2019

Tandem Review : Lois Lane Issues 2 & 3

Lois Lane (2019-) #2

Creators: Rucka, Perkins, Mounts

Lois Lane (2019-) #3

My space for comics is limited but there are certain books that I find MUST be bought in physical form. Lois Lane is one of those books. Lois is a fan favorite character that is being handled by a masterful writer and artistic team.

Issue 2 shows Lois still dealing with the fallout of her much publicized kiss with Superman. Clark is deeply bothered by the grilling the press is giving her but Lois is steadfast that she can handle it and  that Clark must keep his identity secret. 

The rest of the issue is devoted to Lois and Montoya talking about a recent murder and how her investigation should proceed. I LOVED the banter between Lois and Renee. I could read a whole series of them just meeting at coffee shops talking about the world. Their meeting is caught abruptly short by an attack.

In issue 3 we see the aftermath of the attack of the previous issue along with a focus on Montoya encountering an old friend. I like the pace of this story. Investigations take time and life happens in between those times. An for Lois life always includes Superman.  Rucka really "gets" why Lois and Clark work. He gives fans of the couple multiple sweet scenes in this issue. I might of sighed in pleasure a few times during them.

Both these issues were solid reads and have me looking forward to issue 4.

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