Thursday, December 5, 2019

12 Days Day 2 : Holiday Journals

A few years ago I found this  journal:
I loved the idea of a holiday journal but I never even filled this one out! Last year however I got this Journal:
I was inspired by this to keep a journal from October 1st through January 1st. In this journal I keep track of movies I see, holiday activities, favorite quotes and holiday feelings. It's also really great to look back through the past years to remember what I enjoyed.
Some of my favorite lists in the journal are December Watchables: where I keep track of everything I watch to the Insights page where I list my favorite holiday quotes from books and movies , I also put in receipts from fun events and even ticket stubs. 
I also noticed that I''m more apt to repeat things I really loved from the year before when I look through the journal. 
If you are struggling to start your Holiday journal start small with Christmas Card lists, Holiday wish list and even a shopping list. From there start writing some personal observations, quotes, sketches and uplifting quotes. You can also search for Bullet Journal Holiday spreads online for ideas,
Journal work has really elevated my enjoyment of the holidays and encouraged me to take time to sit and write out my feelings. It's very easy to get into the habit of just pulling out a camera for documentation but its more satisfying to just take in an event with you eyes and other senses and then put it down on paper.

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