Monday, April 30, 2012

NEW FEATURE: My Yoga- Week 1


If you follow me on twitter you know that my Twitter handle is @yogikai. When I joined twitter I was conflicted as to what type of name I should give myself. It was before I became a book blogger, so I wanted my name to reflect my personality.

Since I discovered Yoga over 12 years ago it has been a constant in my life. Even when I'm not practicing, the effects of yoga cross over into all areas of my life. Lately however I've been neglecting my practice. I've allowed personal struggles to keep me from something that  enhances  my physical and spiritual state of mind.

So since I do really well with accountability I'm starting a new weekly feature: My Yoga.  Here I will chart my progress as I move towards my goal of doing yoga everyday for a year.

There are many branches to the tree of yoga and I'll be sharing some of my experiences with you as long as explaining the yoga world. I will also have reviews of yogic themed books .

Here  were the highlights of my yoga this week:

Yogaworks  Monday and Wednesday

I'm very lucky to have a yogaworks just a few miles from me. This week I took an amazing Therapeutic Back Class and Urban Zen: an aromatherapy enhanced yoga class with hands on adjustment and Reiki. Monday especially I found myself wondering why I would keep myself from such a wonderful experience each week, especially since I have a monthly membership!

Remaining Days: Home Practice. I'm actually a certified yoga instructor, yet I haven't taken the steps towards teaching :) So this week The majority of my practice was at home. I noticed I do best if I just do yoga right away once waking up, before other things distract me :)

I really recommend the   YOGA JOURNAL website if you have ever had an interest in the yoga world.

I also bought their guide to home practice at the newsstand this week.



Favorite Pose: Child's Pose:



Elizabeth said...

Crossing fingers for you, you can do it, I'm sure! I have a similar, but less ambitious, goal- to practice yoga at least 3 times a week. I paid quite a lot of money for a yearly membership at my yoga studio and it's quite a good motivation - you know, it would be wasted money if I didn't go to classes. And really, it is impossible to find anything more complex than yoga. Looking forward to your updates, I will be thinking of being this ambitious during my poweryoga class today, haha.

Celia Maciomhair said...

There would always be challenges along the road of what you desire to do. Good job because you’re doing something to fight it off. :) Also, Yoga is a good habit to continue. It helps to increase your strength and endurance. It also has psychological benefits like improving one’s mood and attention, which would reflect on the cognitive abilities of an individual. Just a little trivia: Another term for child’s pose is “Balasana”, it also helps in relieving back and neck pain.

Celia Maciomhair

Mathew Engels said...

Keeping a progress chart is a good idea, since it can significantly help you identify all the negative and positive points in terms of your wellness. Keep it up! =)

Nicolas Ervin said...

You know, it will help you get motivated if you have a yoga buddy! That way, you can motivate each other to faithfully go to yoga classes together and monitor each other’s improvement. It’s like having a best friend in school, but instead, it’s in a yoga class, hehe! I hope you find one soon! =)

Sara Dismuke said...

Celia, if there are challenges along the road. Yoga is a good way to help relieve your stress after battling those challenges. I mean, yoga doesn't only help getting you physically fit and healthy, but it can also help you to get mentally fit by releasing the mind and body's stress. This is probably the best way to release the problems that you're experiencing.