XXXHolic, Volume 1 XXXHolic, Volume 1 by Clamp

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XXXHolic has quickly become one of my favorite manga series. The creators are four women who started out as fan artists, and quickly became popular in Japan and the United States. In fact many of the top selling manga in the US are Clamp titles.

"watanuki Kimihiro is haunted by visions of ghost and spirits. Seemingly by chance, he encounters a mysterious witch named Yuko who claims she can help.." cover blurb

The X's in Holic relate to additions. Each story revolves around Watanuki and Yuko. She claims she will help Watanuki with his problems with spirits in exchange for his services in the shop.

Yuko's house is at the crossroads of many demensions. People are drawn to her shop with a wish. It is never quite so simple though. Having a wish and truly letting an addiction go are two different things. There is always a choice and a price to pay.

The first story deals with a young woman who stumbles across Yuko's shop she doesn't know why she is there but Yuko does. She has been having a little bit of siffness in her pinky finger. She can barely lift it yuko gives her a ring to wear and she leaves the shop. Yuko tells Watanuki she doesn't have much hope for success. Curious Watanuki follows the young woman. He finds that every where she goes she lies. Her lies are about her self ,her job , even where she is going.

Yuko is an intriguing character she is part mother to Watanuki, but also the source of many aggravations to him! She has him cook, clean and run errands for her and sometimes causes more problems than she solves.

This manga is published in the traditional japanese format of right to left, it's a little tricky at first but it's very easy once youve done it a few times.

Who this book is for: I would say 16+ for this book also lovers of ghost and paranormal stories. There are also great comedic parts to the series.

The series has progressed over the 10+ issues that have been released so far.

This series also crosses over with another Clamp series Tsubasa but you do not have to read Tsubasa to follow the story in XXXholic

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I have a copy to give away!! this is from a book swap club so its a little "loved"  but in great shape just leave a comment if you want to enter :)


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