Saturday, March 19, 2011

Review: Invasion : by Jon S. Lewis


Colt McAlister was having the summer of his life. He spent his days surfing and his nights playing guitar on the beach with friends. He even met a girl and got his first car. But everything changes when his parents are killed in a freak accident.
He's forced to leave his old life behind and move to Arizona with his grandfather. The only person he knows at the new high school is a childhood friend named Dani. And Oz, a guy he's sure he's never met but who is strangely familiar.

But what if his parents' death wasn't an accident? His mother, an investigative reporter, was going to expose a secret mind-control program run by one of the world's largest companies. Before she could release the story, what if agents from Trident Biotech made sure she couldn't go public?
Vowing to uncover the truth, Colt gets drawn into a secret world of aliens, shapeshifters, flying motorcycles, and invisible gateways. Good Reads

I really enjoyed the Science Fiction elements of this story. We are thrust right into the action as Colt is driven by his father to a mysterious camp where he has been specially invited. Soon Colts world is turned upside down and he is living with his grandparents seeking information about his family's murder and the mysterious C.H.A. O S.

The characters are fun and the action suspenseful and intense at some points. the creatures are very interesting, I especially like the authors take on Big Foot. A really fun read and great start to a series.


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