Take the passion and sexiness of a contemporary romance, sprinkle liberally with Science Fiction elements, Comic Book and pop-culture references and a strong, smart, sexy lead (THANK HEAVENS!), with a dash of humor and you can get a feel for the wonderful world Gini has created. Consultant Kathrine Katt is leaving an Arizona courthouse after a day of jury duty. She is only thinking of getting to her car and getting home when a mild fender bender turns deadly. Not only does the male driver start to berate the woman behind him he also sprouts wings and turns into a nightmare alien hybrid creature!


Kitty (trust me its fine she doesn't mind the moniker) quickly goes from shock to  determined attack mode and destroys the creature.


Soon she finds her self whisked away by dark suited , eyeglass wearing hunks. Notably Jeff Martini a handsome drink of water who is proposing marriage and other naughty treats within minutes of meeting her. Kitty finds her self recruited into the AC aka Alien Collective. A secretive group that fights battles for Earths safety from a determined group of parasites.


I really liked Kitty. As a geek girl I loved her knowledge of all things pop culture related:Star Wars, Batman and Comic books. It is also refreshing to see such a smart yet vulnerable female lead.For safety's sake Kitty's Mother and Father are brought
 to the Alien hunks base and soon a series of familial mishaps ensue as secrets about her families past come to light.


Let's not forget the romance and hot passion all wrapped up in Martini! There is a sweet vulnerability to Jeff. He is empathic and has to be careful of exhausting his powers to the point of death. His immediate attraction to Kitty is funny and powerful, the words coming on too strong don't seem to exist on his planet.Gini does a fine job of making him a well rounded character though. No lovesick fool is our Jeff just a man who knows what he wants and is primed to take it, Kitty willing of course.

A wonderful start to a series that is already three books strong. can't wait to read the others :)





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