Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Readathon 8/18-8/21


I'm so excited to be hosting my very first READ-A-THON!


You can challenge yourself to a certain amount of books, a certain genre,to reread a favorite series or to focus on books from one of the 2011 challenges you signed up for


One lucky reader will win a $10.00 Gift card to Amazon

Or a book of choice up to $10.00 from:

The Read-a-thon starts:
8/18/11 at 5:00 am Pacific 8:00 EST
8/21/11 9:00 pm Pacific 12:00 pm EST
There will also be 3 mini-challenges and random prize giveaways to  bloggers and Twitter participants. Use the hashtag #CYreadathon.

Here are some of the challenges I'm setting for myself for the readathon:

Read at least one DAC Challenge book

Read 1 or 2 books from the Nightworld chronicles for the LJ Smith Challenge

Tackle some Net Galley books!

Hope you join me!

Click the Sign Up page to register yourself :)



Orchid said...

You can definitely count me in, I could use some motivation to catch up on one of the challenges I'm participating in. =)

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I was on vacation and didn't even know you were doing this! Luckily, I was trying to catch up on blog reading in my Reader today and I saw it on Orchid's blog. Going to give it the ole college try! Thanks for hosting. =O)