Monday, August 8, 2011

REVIEW: Picture of Dorian Gray by Wilde, Edgington & Culbard



I found this Graphic Novel in the bargain bin at Banes & Noble. I wasn't familiar with this publisher but  the cover art really drew me in. I enjoy seeing adaptions of classic books in the graphic novel format, I think its a great bridge to introduce readers to the graphic novel format.

Dorian Gray really does well in this illustrated format. Dorian is a young lord living the life of comfort his money and title afford him. His would probable been one of comfort, security , a few scandalous affairs maybe before a proper marriage. When Dorian's friend Basil does a stunning portrait of him , Dorian's thoughts turn to his mortality and the daily fading of his youth. In a impassioned outburst he pledges his soul in return for eternal youth. 

In the beginning Dorian might have doubted the success of his plea but when he carelessly throws away the love of a young actress, a move that leads to her death, he begins to see the sins of his actions visible upon the painting. Years pass and as others age Dorian keeps his youthful appearance. 

He also has cultivated a dark narcissism that leads him to more and more depraved acts. His own skin remains unblemished while his portrait becomes a haggard, evil visage.

Edginton does a great adaption of the novel even inserting some of the famous?favorite quotes from the source material. i really liked Culbard's stark black & White art. There is also a wonderful use of shading and movement in the art. A great adaption.


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