Graphic Novel Spotlight Day 1: The Battle of Blood And Ink by Axelrod & Walker





Hardcover Graphic Novel


This book was a wonderful surprise in my mailbox and the type of book I would definitely have sought out myself.  The story centers around the floating city of Aperstam. It’s a fascinating world! Flying Airships ! A gleaming lattice of buildings reaching for the sky. On the actual city streets however there is an old world feel to the city and a definite class system.


Ashe is the readers guide to this diverse world. She is a passionate daredevil who knows her city inside and out. She is also the ‘voice” of The Lurker’s Guide to Amperstam. Ashe’s guide is part travelogue, and part investigative reporting. The Lurker is a hit with locals and tourists alike. However Ashe’s latest story brings her some unwanted attention from the  ruler of Amperstam: The Provost.

Now a killer is tracking Ashe and her friends as she unravels one of Aperstam’s darkest secrets.

This graphic novel is one complete story but there is great potential for sequels.


AxelRod and Walker have created a rich and detailed world. So much so that readers are given a lot of information that is a tad overwhelming and distracting from the main story. There are a myriad of districts, warring factions and scientific innovations, that all tie together towards the main story elements.

I enjoyed Ashe’s investigative zeal and her carefree spirit. It was also interesting that amidst all the futuristic tech Ashe produces her paper by hand , with an ancient press.

  The art in this volume is stellar. Steve Walker has a distinctive style and the ability to make Black & White art luminous! Walker also does a great job portraying ethnic diversity despite the absence of color. In fact all of the characters in this book have a variety of facial and physical differences. You really get a real sense of cultural diversity as well as the differences in their social stature.

A really solid, entertaining read. Also a great foundation for recurring stories.

If you would like to get a sense of Ashe’s world there are two audio adventures available online. Visit Fables Of The Flying City


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