NEW FEATURE: My Weekly Geek 1: NERDday, & Doctor Who

Hello Everyone! For a while now I've been trying to find a way to meld my geeky passions into blogging. I've worked on other sites, tried to have a separate geeky blog , but know I feel like coming home :) So starting today I'll have a weekly feature called My Weekly Geek where I share with you my love of comics and other nerdy pursuits:)
This weekend is going to be a super nerdy thanks to this handsome fellow:

Oh! Doctor! This cover is the very first British show to get the cover of EW. This weekend BBC America is hosting a marathon of Matt Smith's episodes ans well as some other great nerd themed specials from Chris aka The Nerdist :

So my weekend plans are sorted !



Sandy said…
One of my favourite series ever!! I love 11 but 10 will always be my Doctor ^_^. I need to get my hand on more Doctor Who shirts.

You have to get the shirts from Her Universe!

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