Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tips To Make Your SDCC More Zen & Less ARRGH!


It’s here!  Tomorrow night thousands of pop culture fans will descend on San Diego for SDCC. Even though I’ve been attending Comic-Con for years, I still find my self forgetting some of my own advice at times! So as a reminder to myself and for all you new and returning SDCC fans here are some tips to make your con experience more enjoyable:

   1) BREATHE ! 
Focused breathing grounds you and gets your mind out of the Fight or Flight response. The excitement and anxiety at SDCC is palpable. It’s easy to get caught up into that excitement and engage in Un-Zen like qualities like knocking some one over for a free book or a tote bag!
Waiting in a long line ?  BREATHE
Get stepped on?, Pushed?  Fail to get a free T-shirt ? BREATHE
Calmness can be catching :) The more mellow you are the better your day will go.

I’m a planning machine! I have a special SDCC binder. It’s filled with all the events I want to do every day, booths I want to visit, autograph signing information, panel schedules and products to buy. Ah! The best laid plans! My schedule will probably last the first few hours, and then I’ll throw my planner in my bag and just explore. The best gift you can give yourself at the Con is acceptance. Accept that you cannot see every panel you want. Accept that many of the “must have”  exclusives may be sold out before you ever make it to the exhibit floor. Accept that you will see hundreds of people with cool swag you missed, from places you didn't know about.
Once you come to peace with that, work on making each day as special as possible. Pick one special panel, or one signing and make the most of it.

Leave the Exhibit Hall and sit in a panel. Leave a panel and wander the Small Press & Artist Alley areas. Go outside the center and have a drink or eat lunch. I didn't do this last year and really noticed a difference in my overall mood. There are also a large amount of offsite events going on at the Con, so not only will you get a break , but also see some great displays.

Have you seen those Snickers commercials with the tag line “Your not yourself when your hungry” ? That is so true at Con’s as well! Dehydration and hunger make you cranky and ruin your day! I hit up the Starbucks at the Hilton every morning. Breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal are great choices. Also grab something for later : a banana, bagel, nuts or fruit.

Ok so one of the things your going to notice at SDCC, usually late in the afternoon is the smell of thousands of bodies.  In addition to daily morning showers I also recommend bringing an extra t-shirt and  a portable deodorant.


Yes there is a lot to see and do but don't let that get in the way of  a good time. Talk to your fellow  Con goers. Exchange cards, visit the free meet-ups at various public locations. Laugh, and more importantly Smile!

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