Hello everyone!  It's time! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys thought about the book. I was immediately drawn to this book because of the historical setting and all the rave reviews I've heard about it. Here are my thoughts so far, and some discussion questions. Feel free to anser or leave a link with your answers in the comments.
I'm fascinated with the story of Henry the 8th and his wives, I was surprised however to discover this book would show events through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell. In these opening chapters  Hilary really created an absorbing narrative and a snapshot of a period in time.
I did find however I needed to really through down in my reading. Their are some narrative shifts that can be confusing if you read to fast and I needed to refer to the cast of characters a few times. Overall though I'm fully invested and am ready for part two!
1) What prompted you to join this read-a-long?
2) What do you think of Thomas so far?
3) What do you think about Thomas's feelings towards his son Gregory? Do you think he is too indulgent ? Do you think his treatment of Gregory now will effect Gregory's future?
1) What prompted you to join this read-a-long?

Seeing this book on the bestseller list! I also knew TRUE BOOK ADDICT  
would join me

2) What do you think of Thomas so far?

I don't think I really know who Thomas is at this point in the story. He obviously has endured hardship and thrived but there is a trickiness to him. He is able to give everyone the correct "face" but I don't feel I know his passions yet

3) What do you think about Thomas's feelings towards his son Gregory? Do you think he is too indulgent ? Do you think his treatment of Gregory now will effect Gregory's future?

The way Thomas discusses and thinks about Gregory is the first true emotional connection I've felt from him so far in the book.

I think Thomas is slightly indulgent but it's understandable. I'm curious to see what will become of Gregory.


Unknown said…
Love to read, I think this book is very interesting, some times I find the book hard to read, but I am going slow.
1- what I think about Thomas, in this point of the book, not to much because people change with time and with your own experiences and good things etc etc, so he still have a long way to go, but for know, only for know he has work a lot for what he wants, and he was a very intelligent man.
2- like he said in the book: I shall be tender to you as my father was not to me. I think his son grown to be a good man.
3-I do not think the treatment he give Gregory will damage his future, I think he will be a better person.
Julia said…
1. I've always been fascinated with this period of history. I'd bought this book, but hadn't found the time to delve into it, so I was glad to have the structure for the read-a-long.

2. It's interesting what little I knew about Thomas Cromwell surprised me how much I quite liked him. He's a bit of a chameleon, fitting in both on Court/Church but also in offices and docks. He obviously experienced a lot in his short life. His comment that he'd found an easier way to be speaks volumes of what he's learned.

3. I don't think Thomas is too indulgent. He's understandably scared of becoming Walter. He doesn't want his son to become like he was -- afraid of his father's every appearance and having to strike out on his own.
Kristin said…
I am loving this book so far, although it is definitely a slow-reading book!

My answers can be found here.
BurtonReview said…
Q1: I had the book for a long time, and CANNOT stand it when sequels come out and I haven't read the previous book!

Q2:Umm, which Thomas? There's like a million Thomases! LOL I shall assume you mean Cromwell, and I think Cromwell is portrayed as a man doing his job, and doing his best considering what an awful upbringing he had. Definitely humanizes him, though too indulgent did not cross my mind.

As far as Thomas Wolsey, he seems a bit wrapped up himself and too proud.

Since I am around Part three somewhere my feelings are a result of reading ahead, however.

I am bored at this point, so I am going to sneak in an eBook and come back to WH later.
Helen said…
I'm enjoying the book so far! My answers to this week's questions are here.
I love reading historical fiction, especially English and particularly Tudor era. I purchased Wolf Hall over a year ago and don't really know why I have started it yet. When I received an invite from Michelle I couldn't wait to join in.

Cromwell, was without doubt, shaped by his early experiences. He is a survivor. As a boy he fled his brutal father, and he figured out ways to make money on the docks.
Cromwell, the man, is an opportunist. He selects a wife, with "city contacts and some money" but their relationship is a good match and they share affection. I also think Cromwell senses the changes coming to England. Henry VIII is determined to find a way out of his marriage. Cromwell also keeps abreast of what is going on beyond the shores of England. He is getting familiar with Luther's writings even though King Henry, with Thomas More's help, has written a rebuke to Luther.
He broods at what his wife tells him about how women will respond if King Henry sets Katherine aside, and he doesn't dismiss it. Cromwell looks at his challenges from different angles.
He is fastidious (the Castile soap and his comments on the "unwashed men" of Yorkshire), and a dog lover.

And lastly, Thomas' feelings for Gregory ... He was surprised to learn from the kind and elderly lowland wool merchants that there are people and places that value their children. When seeing his newborn for the first time, Cromwell vows to treat his son tenderly. Gregory has not experienced the hardships endured by Cromwell, so he is more dreamy and less disciplined. Not necessarily a bad thing. Time will tell.

I'm loving it!
Here I am! I had actually already read past the first part last year when we were reading it for TuesBookTalk. For some reason, we put it down. I re-read the section and I'm brought back to how much I was enjoying it. So, that's my answer to the first question.

2) What do you think of Thomas so far?

I really like Thomas. I like his no nonsense ways and I like that he came from a rough beginning and struck out on his own to make his way in the world. He rises so far from such low beginnings.

3) What do you think about Thomas's feelings towards his son Gregory? Do you think he is too indulgent ? Do you think his treatment of Gregory now will effect Gregory's future?

I think he's like any parent (or any parent who knows what it's like to have been mistreated as a child). When I was in college, I wrote a paper on a book about children in medieval times/the middle ages and it's true what the Lowlanders he meets say. English parents were cruel to their children. I think he wants to love Gregory and care for him as he never was and I don't think it will be the worse for Gregory, but I guess we shall see.

I will see you all next this Friday for Part Two at my blog. =O)
ShadowsTomes said…
1) What prompted you to join this read-a-long?
I happen to have an odd fascination with Henry VIII and his court. I enjoy reading books on this time frame, that aren't super heavy on the romance.

2) What do you think of Thomas so far?
So far I think that he's risen from basically nothing to having a great standing. He's taught himself a lot, gained a lot of trust and respect, and has elevated past what he was raised for. So far I like him.

3) What do you think about Thomas's feelings towards his son Gregory? Do you think he is too indulgent ? Do you think his treatment of Gregory now will effect Gregory's future?
I think he is indulging his son in the type of childhood he wasn't able to have. He's giving him the things he wished he had when he was young. In a way I can see this as spoiling the boy. I haven't read forward too much so I have no idea if this will lead to trouble.
sawcat said…
1- I've had the book for a year, and have been meaning to read it and I've not been able to join any of the earlier readalongs for it.

2- I never knew much about Cromwell before he came to court, so hearing that he was a brawler, and went off to become a mercenary was a little surprising. But it makes it a little more clear on how he turned to Protestantism, growing up on his own, and trying to form his identity.

3- I think Thomas was trying to let his son have what what he didn't have. But the way the scene was presented made it seem like he was being a little too lax on making his son attend to his schooling.
Unknown said…
Sorry to be late, but I've been reading, well, listening. My copy is an audio book. The narrator is good, but the story would have been confusing if not for watching TV shows/movies set in this era. (Not a huge fan of HF.)

What prompted me to join was Michelle at The True Book Addict. I'm a follower and though I don't read/listen to many historical books, I do love read-a-longs.

My thoughts about Thomas are only positive ones. He came from a horrible background and has done well considering the problem he had with his abusive father.

Now about Thomas and his treatment of his son. Whatever he does will effect Gregory's future, at least in my opinion. I find that people raised by abusive parent/s go on of two ways. They become abusers or they go to the other extreme and spoil the child, overcompensating for what they never had. (if that makes sense)

nrlymrtl said…
I read this book a few years ago and I loved how the story of Henry 8th is told by Cromwell, someone other than Henry or the wives, but still with political influence in the court.
1. I saw this book on several discussion boards a long time ago and then stumbled across it at a used book store. I bought it and it sat on my shelf. I kept meaning to get to it, but some other book always demanded my attention. So, this read-a-long was the perfect motivator.

2. I do feel for Thomas based on the background given thus far. He will over compensate for his abusive upbringing.

2. Yes, at this point I think Thomas is indulgent to Gregory and it will ultimately effect his future.
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