BBAW DAY 1: 5,6,7,8, Who Do I Appreciate?

Hello everyone! Once again it's time for Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Today's topic is about Appreciation. So who do I appreciate? ALL OF YOU!
Thank you to every Blogger who inspired me to blog, who has left generous comments and specially those who have said my reviews have inspired them to buy a book or check it out from the library.
At our core I believe all the successful bloggers have the same goal and passion : To Read and Share our love of books.
So though it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to spotlight every blog I enjoy, today I'm going to focus on bloggers I routinely read but often don't have the time to do more than a RT for them on Twitter:
HAUNTED ORCHID  I really enjoy Orchid's tweets and posts, especially since she is a big Manga fan so i learn a lot about the genre from her. We also share a love of horror themed/paranormal books. I really enjoyed teaming up with her for the Frightful Fall readathon last year.
MY FRIEND AMY Amy has really inspired me to stretch the boundaries of my blog. I used to feel I need to "only" cover books, but now I've turned my blog into an all around lifestyle blog. I've started covering my Yoga experiences, and also the Geekier side of my life :) I will also be starting movie reviews in the coming weeks. I also appreciate Amy's bravery in discussing topics we all feel but may not communicate about. She is the a very supportive leg of the blogging community, a cheerleader, and even a virtual shoulder to cry on if needed :)
SOULSWALLO & BOOKBENDER I put Kelly and Amanda together because they are an amazing team. I love "eavesdropping" during their twitter conversations. Just the other day there was talk of Tentacles and sexy times!
If blogging were a High School I would definitely label Kelly and Amanda as the "Cool kids", sitting together at lunch swapping stories and having fun. They are also the type however to stop you while walking by say hello and ask you to join them :)
NON RELUCTANT READER I love Benji's passion! I make an effort to follow as many male book bloggers as possible because I love to see different takes on things. I always smile at Benji's tweets, he loves !! and CAPITAL LETTERS like me and is very social:)
VASILLY Some blogs have a lot going on visually, so I'm always a bit relaxed when I visit Vasilly's blog. It has a very simple soothing layout. Though Vasilly and I like the same type of books I enjoy her passion for diversity and substantial books. My default recently has been YA paranormal books, so much so that I sometimes don't have time for adult fiction. So I'm always interested in what Vasilly is reading and usually add some titles to my wish list.
THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT Michelle is amazing! I don't know how she finds time to run her various blogs! We are also Read-a-thon buddies. Michelle's blogs fill a lot of my passions: Horror (Castle Macabre), Readathons (Seasons of Reading) and her main blog True Book Addict where she focuses on a lot of historical fiction. My Sept & October schedule is packed due to all the events she has coming up!
So like I said at the beginning this is just a small sampling of all the bloggers I enjoy, looking forward to everyones posts.


Vasilly said…
Kai, thank you so much! I really appreciate you adding me to your list. You're one of my favorite bloggers too. I can't tell you of the many times I've added a graphic novel to my reading list because of you!
Thanks for the kind words, Kai! :)
aw, thank you so much!! I can't believe we still haven't met IRL! anyway I really love the enthusiasm of your blog and all the great things you do. thanks for sharing your world with us!
Of course Amy deserves a shout out for organizing this event every year (among other things) and I'm a fan of Benji, too! So few of us dudes in the book blogging world. :)

I'm off to "meet" some of these others.. thanks!

Happy BBAW, all!

Tanya Patrice said…
I really like Vasilly too. I'll have to check out the others on your list. Thanks for sharing :-)
Thanks for sharing your list :) Most that you listed are new to me and I'm going to go check them out.

Happy BBAW bloggers!
The Relentless Reader
Kai, thank you so much for including me. You are so sweet. I wouldn't do half of what I do if it wasn't for wonderful bloggers like you who always join in on all my fun. =O)

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