REVIEW: Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Graphic Novel by Mead & Vieceli


I've heard a lot of buzz about Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy books. I haven't had a chance to read them yet so I thought I'd give the Graphic Novel a chance. The opening prologue really did a great job at bringing readers up to date with the VA world. Through the narrative of Rose, a Dhampir( half  human/half Moroi).  Rose's kind work as Guardians for Moroi (Vamps who only feed from willing donors & have elemental powers), like her best friend Lissa.
The darker side of the Vampire word are Strigoi. These are traditional Vampires who take blood unwillingly and seek to destroy the royal families of the Moroi.
I really enjoyed this book though I was a little confused with the characters relationships in the beginning. Rose is a great character. I really enjoyed learning about her past and the relationship between her and Lissa. As Strigoi increase their attacks the school decides to move the student body to a protected Ski Resort. A few students however decide to break off on their own and hunt their enemies. This leads to some stunning discoveries and tragedy.
As a new reader to this series I was able to follow along pretty easily but there were a few bits that moved a bit slowly. Loyal readers of the VA series will enjoy seeing a lot of their favorite characters come alive in the graphic novel format.


Lynn said…
I have read this series and enjoyed it although Frostbite wasn't the first in the series. Rose is a pretty good character throughout. She has her flaws and definitely makes mistakes but I think that all makes her somehow more likeable. To be honest I didn't really enjoy the character Lissa - she's part of Moroi royalty and for me she came across as too detached and haughty. I didn't always believe she was the best friend to Rose that she could be and the whole friendship seemed a little one sided.
Thanks for the review.
Lynn :D

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