SUNDAY SALON: By The Numbers


Happy Sunday Everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you some numbers that represent my reading & blogging life and some other areas :)


It's been for and a half months (138 days) that I've been working on doing yoga every day. It's really shown me how I approach a lot of things in life good and bad. Some day's Ill do a whole routine, other days I'll do one pose for barely a minute, but I keep on keeping on and am now taking private yoga sessions with one of my favorite teachers! I'm so grateful I can trade her massages for yoga, its really changing my body, relieving some persistent aches and pains and keeping me on a zen path.
This is my 900th POST!!! Though about ten of them are scheduled because I actually have advance posts published! Very Rare for me!
I also discovered today that I've reached 67,083 blog hits on my site. I also have 659 Followers. I'm so grateful to everyone who takes the time to stop by my site :)
I've been working really hard at reading my ALA and SDCC arc's and getting them reviewed in time with release dates.
This Year so far I've read 176 books! My total goal for the year is 250 so I have to get busy!
OK. Confession Time!
Physical Books to Read: 157
E-Books to read 167
Novellas to read  5
Sampler Chapters to read  4
So there it is! I'm going to revisit these stats at the end of December and I hope all these numbers will be lower :) Happy Sunday! 


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