Sunday Salon: Rediscovering The Library

Happy Sunday everyone! As the year draws towards it's close I've been tying up a lot of loose ends. Like the year before I passed on Spring Cleaning and am focusing on entering the New Year with less clutter. I remembered that I had a fine for overdue books and decided to go pay it and renew my card.
I don't know why I had drifted away for the library for so long. My reading life began with weekly trips to the library with my mother. When I was finally old enough to go on my own my library card was one of my favorite possessions.
Somehow I switched to a book buyer and left my library behind. When I moved to California my library once again became important, mostly for computer and fax usage. yes I checked out some books but I barely finished them and always had fines. When I got my own personal computer at home once again the library became neglected.
Now however I 'm really feeling the need for my library and grateful for it's presence. For financial reasons I really need to reign in my book spending. The beginning of the year sometimes has the potential to be slow and I always seem to unprepared for that temporary finical crunch. So I want to divert all available funds for the rest of the year to my savings. That way if the beginning of the year is slow I can comfortably accept what work is available and relax. Though I really don't NEED any books there are a lot of series I would like to catch up on and some new releases I really want to read right away.
I have a tremendous appreciation for the library system. They have always been there waiting to serve and also needing my patronage. So in order to not repeat past mistakes I've set a few rules for myself:
1) No more than 2 book out at a time and no more than 5 graphic novels out at a time.
2) Library books get bumped to the top of the pile.
3) I will only request books during times when my review requests are low or complete.
I'm excited to catch up on the Matched trilogy ( just picked up Crossed yesterday), The Delirium Series and Rachel Vincent's Blood Bound series.
Hope your Sunday is wonderful, I'm off to read!


Vasilly said…
I like your idea! One of the rules I gave myself about the library was that I couldn't place a hold on a book unless I was sure that I would read it the week it came in. I don't always follow that rule but it has helped me to stop putting so many things on hold.
Belle said…
I've recently rediscovered the library too after switching to buying books after I moved. I love it! I like your rules though, I might have to try it. I always end up with more books than I can read and always get them back late.
Laurie C said…
Glad to see another prodigal returning to the library fold! I work at a library and I still buy books, but it's great not to have to buy every book you want to read!
Unknown said…
Yeah! I'm not able to "read" fiction books from the library like I once did. (Limited time and energy.) Mostly the library is for research purposes. However, I use our library's OverDrive for audio books all the time! They have saved me a bundle. :)

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