The Bronx Kill


This contemporary noir story focuses on Martin Keane. Martin's entire life has been devoted to breaking away from his family's legacies. Martin's dad has always wanted him to be a cop. Instead Martin has become a writer. After a successful debut novel, Martin now struggles with his second book. So he decides to go to Ireland to work out a new story idea. Martin returns to his wife invigorated by his new project and excited to reunite with her. The next morning Martin awakes to find his wife is missing.
The disappearance has an eerie resemblance to one years ago, when Martin's grandmother completely disappeared. Martin breaks down as weeks pass and his wife remains lost. Martin goes from grieving spouse to possible suspect in a matter of days. Martin's manic behaviour leads to an obsessive examination of his wife's final days. A search that reveals  shocking secrets about his families past.
Told through pages of prose and gritty Black & White art and prose pages representing Martins novel, this book is an emotional roller coaster. The art is magnificent and really captures the mood of the story. I really love this type of story its a perfect fit for the graphic novel format.


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