Thursday, October 11, 2012

REVIEW & Giveaway :ZOM-B by Darren Shan





ZOM-B is a new horror series by Darren Shan. This is a tight, twisted little read that shows the amazing ability of Horror to focus on the human condition. I tweeted a lot about this book because I really resonated with some of the important themes Darren folded into the book. After a Zombie outbreak in Ireland many British citizens think it’s a hoax by a reality show. B’s dad jokingly remarks that either way the world is a lot better of with a few less Irish in it.
B however is concerned but cant spend too much time focusing on it. See B needs all the energy that can be mustered to survive  the precarious existence as a child of a violent racist. That means laughing at jokes that make B feel sick inside. It also means spouting hate at school and picking fights to prove toughness and racial superiority.  At home B must walk on eggshells and be willing to let anger and abuse be deflected on to others in the household.
   When the Zombies reach B’s town the attack is orchestrated by a mysterious stranger and some hoodie wearing mutated humans. These forces systematically  release Zombies  upon the local High School trapping the students inside. Now B and other students find themselves dependent on each other to survive, as the zombies systematically take the students down by eating or turning them.
This book is definitely satisfying for horror fans. Lots of grisly bits and horror action. Though not in the ARC, the hardcover version of this book will also have some gory illustrations. There are also two MAJOR plot twists that really shake the readers perceptions and set the stage for future books. I don't want to give anything away but I commend Darren for bringing such important issues to a YA read and giving us a plot twist that will amaze, an make you hungry for book 2!
Really looking forward to seeing how this story develops.

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Unknown said...

Awesome! Darren Shan is a favorite. My middle son is addicted to all of his books. Had no idea about this new series though. :)


titania86 said...

this sounds awesome! Thanks for the giveaway.


Tore923 said...

I would love to read this book. It sounds very good.