Bout of Books Mini-Challenge Page


This is my page for the  BOUT OF BOOKS mini-challenges :)

Challenge Four

Queen Ella Bee asks us to rewrite a book summary. I chose this book:

Once soulmates, the witch and warlock covens of the California coast have been estranged for a century. Raised to hate each other, their teenagers meet in the Solstice Stones, a magical battleground where they draw energy from each other to maintain their balance. 16 year olds Logan and Lily have spent years training for their first Stones…only to discover just days before that the enemy may not be what either of them had thought

My Summary:

What was sundered can now be brought together. Two halves of a magical whole, witches and warlocks have fought for years, draining energy from each other and keeping an uneasy balance. Now the most dangerous disruption will shake the magical world: Love

Challenge Three

Haley challenges us to make an Acrostic Poem. Here is the book I chose:


Challenge Two
Medusa's Library asks us to create a soundtrack for one of our favorite books. I chose this one:

I love this series! It's a retelling of the Tristan and Isolde story. The music that goes great with this is:

The Mask and the Mirror by Lorena Mckinnet. This CD really evokes a medieval setting. I love reading to this CD as well. :)

Challenge One

Escape Through the Pages  challenges us to make a book sentence. You are allowed to use one extra word for each book you use. Here is mine:

Beautiful Lies. Mind Games. The Girl in the Clockwork Collar lives with a heart Struck by The Lost Prince.


Stephanie Kaye said…
short and sweet :] here is mine:
Anonymous said…
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Sara said…
So simple and pretty! Love it! Good luck with the Readathon. :)
Unknown said…
Kai, great poem :D
Very good.. this was hard for me since I am definitely not a poet! hahah!

My Book Spine Poetry Challenge Picture
Anonymous said…
I love Lorena Mckinnet!
Unknown said…
I love what you did with all of the challenges, ESPECIALLY mine! I hope you had a great Bout of Books!

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