June & July Events at Fiction State of Mind: UPDATED Again!

Novella Week starts today hosted by 

I want to finish up 6 of my Human division chapters by Scalzi and about 5 other novellas :)

Readathon Central is hosting a really cool Readathon this July and I'm in!

Reading Angels and her co-hosts are hosting this readathon for the 4th time. I really enjoy reading with them :)

Ink-Series Readalong  I've always wanted to read the Inkheart books and now I have some bloggers to read it with. Check the link to learn more.

Roof Beam Reader is hosting The Beats reading challenge, a summer journey through a select generation of writers. I was really intrigued by this since these aren't the type of books I usually read. 

My Reading List

The Adding Machine by William Burroughs

Naked Lunch
On the road
Electric Kool-Aid Acid test


My Shelf Confessions is hosting a week long Readathon and Mission To Read is hosting a 24 hour readathon. Love!

Reading Challenge

Worlds Without End Is hosting an event to read women's Genre Fiction.  I'm really late to this challenge but I'm going to try to read & review 12 books! I love that the focus is on women authors, I'm focusing on authors I haven't read before .


I love to read books I don't normally read! Can't wait to see your reviews!!

Angela's Anxious Life
I'm glad you're joining us for The Beats of Summer! You've got a great list, too - three major pieces from the period (Howl, Naked Lunch, and On the Road) plust two very nice supplementals!

I've read Naked Lunch a couple of times, it is not for the timid - but it is definitely a wild and worthy experience. I've read parts of Howl, but I also plan to read the whole thing for this event... really looking forward to it, as it's one of the most important pieces of American poetry.

Good luck! :)
@MelissaJoLynn_ said…
I'm so excited you're joining in the fun for the Summer Solstice Readathon! Can't wait.
Vasilly said…
Thanks for sharing this! I think I'll join the Women of Genre Fiction challenge.
Thanks for posting about these events. I was just wondering when there was going to be more read-a-thons. =O)

I won't be doing the Beats event because I don't think I own any books by Beat authors and I am trying to read from my own shelves.
Rachael said…
I'm hosting a read-a-thon at the end of June. I would love for you to join.

Lisa Pottgen said…
I am doing both the Wicked Wildfire readathon and the summer solstice readathon this month! Can't wait.

Lisa @ Just Another Rabid Reader
Anonymous said…
Whoa! You got a lot going on, Kai! Thanks for joining us for Summer Lovin'! We are excited to have you!

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