Fangirl Summer Review: Vader’s Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown


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After the hugely successful  Darth Vader and Son,  Jeffrey Brown now turns his attention towards one of fandom's favorite Princesses : Leia! Titled Episode Three and Three-Quarters  the book explores what experiences young Leia may have experienced growing up with Darth Vader as  a father.


Extreme cuteness ensues along with some amazing  scenes with teen Leia and Han Solo. Jeffrey's art is crisp and full of expression . The word balloons can often take up a large portion of the page but the art still shines through. There are some amazing scenes that will cause long times Star Wars fans to chuckle and lots of unique gags focusing on living with a teen girl. Such an amazing book ! I’m really looking forward to Jeffrey’s next book:


I’m also looking forward to meeting Jeffrey at  SDCC! Star Wars fans of all ages will love this series.

Happy Reading!


Unknown said…
This looks so cute! I was at Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago and I saw it on display. I made a beeline towards it and as soon as I touched the book the entire display fell down! After helping clean up I was too embarrassed to stick around and buy it. I'll probably pick it up the next time in the store.
Jeffery was at the Denver Comic Con but I didn't get over to his booth. :( I have heard of the books but hadn't read them yet.. so I just put them on hold at the library!!!


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