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A picture is worth a thousand words right? Well Sort of. If you ever took a glimpse into a comic shop, a digital comics app or even the Graphic Novel section of your local library the name Bendis will show up a lot. Bendis has been one of the architects of the current Marvel comics universe which has exploded in popularity in recent years. He is also the main reason that I returned to reading Marvel comics after a long absence.


Bendis is also known for his independent comics work. Most notably Powers. I had heard a lot of buzz about Scarlet in the past couple of months so I was excited to pick up the first trade at my local library. Now back to the cover. I’ll confess I’m conflicted by this cover. On the one hand it’s nice to see a female gracing the cover of a book dressed properly and looking fierce. The two barreled gun look? I’m not a fan.

This cover would have been great for volume two or three of the series but for this first volume I would have liked something different because I feel this cover sends a message about the character that isn't fully accurate at this stage of the story.

From the opening panel I was utterly absorbed by this story. Its hard not to be interested when the main character kills someone on the very first page.

It would be very easy to judge who and what Scarlet is by this action but she wont let you. What Scarlet does do is let you into her world. Talking directly to the reader Scarlet shares the events that lead her to the pivotal scene.

It’s a story of police corruption and murder, and it sparks a one woman revolution in Scarlet’s life and sets her on a dark path of revenge that captures public support for her cause. Though I understood Scarlet’s grief and to some point her initial actions, she quickly begins to make decisions that I didn't expect, many of them involving violence. Scarlet is a fascinating character and as a reader I questioned a lot of her decisions but was fascinated to watch them unfold.


I found the events of this story very timely yet unique. Scarlet takes some very real possibilities and explores what would happen if just one citizen had enough. This doesn't mean Scarlet is a 100% correct in her actions, but Bendis is following this train of thought to its natural conclusions. I’m sure readers are in for an interesting ride!

I loved everything about the look of this book. This is the first time I’ve seen the art of Alex Maleev, its stunning and very realistic. There is a noir feeling overall to the book with gorgeous splashes of color.


I’m really looking forward to seeing  how this story unfolds.


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