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I love when things come together. Just when I was planning on doing a feature this summer on what a Fangirl   I am about Romance books, I get the opportunity to review the latest book from Monica’s Highland Guard series. I love historical romance! A great author can not only give you a snapshot of a period of time but also give you insight into the political and social landscapes of the time and the people that lived through them. 


The Highland Guard series focuses on ten warriors hand picked by Robert the Bruce to fight for Scotland's war against the English. The first book in the series The Chief sets the stage for the series but each book is also a stand alone read. This book focuses on Ewen Lamont codenamed The Hunter.

Logan’s mission is to find a missing courier working undercover. The fact that the courier is also a woman and a sister of the veil infuriates Ewen. His fury is mixed with more complicated emotions because Genna is known to Ewen,  mostly for the passionate kiss they shared long ago.

No man or woman can hide from Ewen’s skills and soon Genna is found, but she has plans of her own and doesn't want Ewen’s interference . One of my favorite things about this series is the strong women. “Genna” has a lot of secrets and a strong will. Ewen is often conflicted with his need to protect her and his physical passion for her especially since she is a considering life as a nun ! As the two work together, they find a dangerous plot and important documents necessary to their cause  missing. Fate continues to throw  them together and the sparks of passion build and build.


The second thing I love about this series is it’s interconnectedness. There are wonderful cameos from some of my favorite couples from previous novels. The fact that they all have different skills allows Monica to place them together for certain missions which  is a lot of fun.


Finally lets talk sexy times !! There are a lot! Monica is great a creating physical tension between her characters while also moving the story forward in interesting ways. Lots of great action and blush worthy love scenes make this series a dream for Historical Romance lovers, check it out!  


I love it when a series features cameos from characters I remember from other books. It's like revisiting old friends!

Thanks for being on the tour. I'm glad you enjoyed this one!

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