Fangirl Summer Star Wars Spotlight: My 5 Favorite EU Moments






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Happy Tuesday!! Today I want to talk about some of my favorite Star Wars moments outside of the prequels and original trilogy. As I discussed yesterday the EU was a lifeline to fans who had to deal with long waits between movies and general Star Wars withdrawal :) Here is my top 5 experiences that have keep the Force strong for me :





Heir  To The Empire

Not the first Star Wars EU novel but definitely the most memorable and fan favorite. My favorite part : Chapter 1. Just seeing those words brought joy to my heart. The saga was continuing!





Star Wars Union

There was so much to love about Zhan's Heir To the Empire series, but my favorite  was the journey of Mara Jade. With the exception of Mon Motha there were very few female characters besides Princess Leia that Star Wars fans had a chance to see or learn about. With Mara Jade we got to witness the development of on of the EU ‘s most important and beloved characters.

In Union we get to see the culmination of this couples relationship : their marriage. This series by Dark Horse  has a great supporting cast: Leia, Han, Wedge and a few of his x-wing buddies and some great fight scenes. I read this series a lot. Its a perfect companion to the original films and Zhan's trilogy. 





EU Mara Jade Figure



My first EU character Action Figure! I was lucky to stumble across this figure at a comic shop years ago. I was so excited to have a piece of the EU to add to my Star Wars collection.




The Clone Wars TV Show





A weekly show? New Characters ?!A strong female lead?!! After a rocky start as an animated feature film The Clone Wars TV show quickly gained popularity and tremendous marketing potential. I’ve really enjoyed watching the show progress, and though I was sad to see the show end after 5 seasons, I will always my DVD sets to watch. Clone Wars also gave us another wonderful female figure to inspire Fangirls of all ages. As the seasons continued I became more and more worried about Ahsoka’s fate. I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with their solution.



My First Her Universe

thCABC5R9L  her-universe-vader-shirt_480x480


I grew up with Star Wars. So as  a Star Wars fan in the eighties I had it all: Toys, Bed sheets, Trading Cards, light sabers, books and comics. The only place I couldn't show my Star Wars fandom were the clothes on my back. Though my mom did buy me a set of boys underoos to wear at bed time, I had nothing else except the occasional patch or iron on transfer.


All that has changed since Ashley created Her Universe. When I first heard about the company I was soo excited! Above are the first two shirts I ever brought from the company a few years ago. I still have them and they are still in great shape. Since then I’ve added about 10-12 more shirts to m collection including two of this years SDCC exclusives and some walking dead shirts!

One of the most amazing things about Her Universe is the community that has developed around it . Fangirls across the United States and the world are finding and supporting each other. Through their very active social media sites, the company has their pulse on what the fans are looking for in regards to fit and design of their products. I’ve always had a marvelous experience shopping at the store both in person at conventions and online

I found myself really emotional when I met Ashley this year at the convention, part Fangirl flailing of course but also gratitude for her product line that truly seeks to be available to fangirls no matter what their size or shape.

For many months I’ve had some personal issues I've been working on and I haven't taken the best care of my body. I’m on track now but for a while I had issues with the way a lot of my clothes were fitting. My favorite Her Universe shirts became a solace to me. Not only did they connect me with my favorite fandom but they also fit right which really lifted my spirits. And the compliments don’t hurt either ;) Star wars fandom is so diverse and wearing a Star Wars shirt always gets you a nod or a comment. Its so wonderful how much this franchise inspires others and how Her Universe has become a wonderful part of continuing the love of a galaxy far far away!


So there are a few of my favorite EU moments what about you guys?


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