Monday, August 5, 2013

Review Quiver by Tobsha Learner










I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for sharing my thoughts at Fiction State Of Mind

I’m a newbie to Erotica. Besides two Anne Rice Beauty books ( things got so weird in the beginning of book three I stopped reading it) and the First fifty shades book, I really know very little about the genre. So I would be really interested to find more Erotica like Tobsha’s book Quiver.


So lets just acknowledge the elephant in the room : Sex. Quiver has it. A lot of it. What stood out to me the most however was how connected I became with the characters. There are some really blush worthy scenes yet I never felt that the stories were just a set up for sex play, instead these stories peeled away vulnerabilities that let the characters experience situations that were already present in their psyche’s all well written and interesting as well as sexy.

In these twelve stories we meet couples seeking to spice up their relations, revenge from a lover scorned, food fetishes, size fetishes but most of all the human hearts behind the physical acts and desires.

Each story has a different set of protagonists who sometimes pop up in other stories. For a solitary author Tobsha has a flair for having different themed narrative structures and tones to her stories.

This is especially interesting when all the characters converge in the final story in a group reunion of sorts ;) So I enjoyed this read! It was fun, racy and a perfect pool side read. I’m excited to read Tobsha’s next book Tremble.

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