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Leave it to manga to make me love Vampires again! Fans of Japanese culture will love Staz. He is a fearsome boss in a powerful district in the Demon world. Those who fear Staz don’t know his secret life : he is obsessed with human culture, especially Japanese manga, anime and video games.

So when a female high school student somehow wanders into his dimension, Staz’s minions bring her to him as a treat. Staz doesn't want her blood, instead he wants information about the human world. However an attack on his territory leaves the human girl Yanagi Fuyumi in a terrible state, he takes her to the human world to try to help, but mostly to live out his fantasies in the human world at last!


This first volume is oversized (300 + pages) and a lot is accomplished in this volume: we learn about Staz’s past, meet Hydra Bell a woman in search of her stolen magic and possibly some sexy times with Staz,and begin a quest to find a spell to save Fuyumi.

I'm so excited to see how this manga plays out.


This manga sounds like fun! I don't generally go in for vampire/supernatural stuff, but I like the twist here. I've been thinking about looking for a new series to read so I will have to check this one out.
When I read it in Japanese I always called it Blood Rad (since r and l have no sound difference when they are pronouncing words from another language) So it's always weird for me when I see it in English as Blood Lad. Lol.

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