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One of the reasons I started blogging was to share my love for books and hopefully influence others to try my favorite genres. For celebrate The Cowl I wanted to get a new to Batman readers thoughts on the genre.

I was so excited when  Tif of Tif Talks Books agreed to do a post for me! Tif has been reading and reviewing a lot of different graphic novels lately so I was excited to get her started on Batman’s vast mythology! Here are her experiences:







I was so excited when Kai invited me to write a guest post for her month of Batman I had never

previously read a single Batman comic, despite being a huge fan of superhero

movies It was about time I dove into the books of superheroes!Having had no experience with reading Batman, I had no idea where to even start; I walked into my local library that was filled with graphics and comics, and I got overwhelmed

as soon as I hit the Batman section.


Thankfully, Kai also was able to give me a handful of suggestions to begin with, and I now share with you how my first encounter with the bat went Batman: Li’l Gotham #1 by Derek Fridolfs It is created for the younger crowd and featured watercolor art (or what appears to be). The story takes place around Halloween,following the superheroes as young children.


To be honest, I was not a huge fan of this one – both in the story and in the art. Maybe it was because it was not

what I expected. Maybe I was just not the right audience for this story.

Either way, I pushed on to more .



I then moved on to a classic by Frank Miller – Batman:Year One.This one was more of what I was expecting thanks to the familiarity of The Dark Knight movies. The story waspacked with action and the artwork by David Mazzucchelli was amazing.


  After reading Year One I was excited to move on to more, picking up Batman:The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb. This one brought out the classic villains and heroes, following them for a year – Halloween to Halloween. It was action-packed, yet also nicely developed the characters, ending with a big bombshell that left me with a feeling of WOW! Of all the books,The Long Halloween was by far my favorite!




I ended my Batman experiment with Black Mirror by Scott Snyder.This one is based in the future,

in a time when Bruce Wayne has moved on, yet Batman remains with a new face behind the mask and a new team by his side.

The villains have evolved, and the crime fighting has changed. At first, I was confused with the story because I felt I was missing a number of pieces to the puzzle, but I kept reading because the new story is more complicated and had me curious. The added bonus was the artwork by Jock & Francesco Francavilla.The illustrations of Black Mirror were by far the most impressive of the lot, and I found myself meandering through the pages as I soaked them in.

Overall, my first impressions of Batman were positive and I will definitely be returning to Gotham City.

Thank you Kai for the recommendations! Now that I have dabbled a bit, I can feel more comfortable when I visit

the Batman shelves at the library.What Batman stories do you think should be next on my list?

Tif blogs about books for the whole family over at Tif Talks Books


Heather said…
Part or all of this post was stolen by the blogger at benaffleckbatman.net. He did it to me too (and several others as well.) His blog needs to be taken down! As of today, I have been unable to contact him. Perhaps you will have better luck. Just thought you should know that someone is stealing from you.
Tif Sweeney said…
Thank you so much for having me stop by! I am really looking forward to reading more Batman now, all thanks to you!

Heather ... Thanks for the heads-up on the website. I will look into it.
Unknown said…
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