Clean Sweep Arc Challenge: Final Wrap Up!

Here are my Final Stats ! Hope you guys met your reading goals!
 Total Books Read: 15 Books & 7 novellas

Weeks 3 & 4
Books Read:
Scars & Stripes novella 1-5(Netgalley)
The Kiss of Deception(netgalley)
manifest Destiny (GN, Netgalley)
The Saint (netgalley)
Super Ego (GN, Netgalley)
The Escape( Netgalley)
The 9th Configuration
Week  2
Books Read:
I was the Cat (GN)
The Alkaline Cure
Greek Yogurt
Total Books Read: 9 books and 2 novellas

Week 1
Netgalley Books Completed:
6 Books +2 novellas

Remaking Horror
The Girl with The Windup Heart
Deep Blue
Dangerous Dream- (novella)
Attack the geek (novella)
Damian Son of Batman(GN)
Pretty Deadly(GN)

Digital Arc’s

13618700  15839976

18242896  16429619


Thanks for joining the challenge. I hope you get all the books read that you want. I have heard good things about Red Rising. Good luck
Lisa Pottgen said…
Wow! You did awesome! I got 10 done, kind of by the skin of my teeth. I haven't read a thing this week because of ArmchairBEA.

Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

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