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Cowl Classics: Batman Birth Of The Demon by Mike W. Barr, Dennis O’Neil, & Various

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This trade collects three of Batman’s Classic adventures with Ra’s al Ghul and Talia al Ghul. In these three stories we see the evolution of the relationship between Bruce Talia and Ra’s. In Son of the Demon, we see Bruce forced to work with Ra’s to stop a terrorist with a weather control device. The time Bruce spends with Talia brings them closer together and gives him a glimpse of the power her could control as Talia’s partner and Ra’s heir. It is a true struggle for him to walk away from both especially when Talia tells him she is pregnant.

Bride of the Demon focuses on Ra’s plans to not only take over the world but also create his own heir. Bruce tracks a kidnapped scientist to Ra’s new compound and discovers his plan to repair the worlds ozone layer which would cost millions of lives. Ra’s seduces an aging starlet and rejuvenates her in the Lazarus Pit thus creating a bride to help him repopulate the world.
Lots of great action and dramatic tension between Bruce and Talia.

Birth of the Demon  is one of the most unique Batman stories . It’s focus is actually on Ra’s as we learn about his beginnings as a healer during the Crusades.Interspaced with Ra’s origin we see a dazed Batman wandering the desert trying to prevent Ra’s access to the Lazarus Pit. The art is gorgeous in this story and really sets the tone for the emotional resonance of the story being told.

A wonderful look at the family who had a great emotional tug on Bruce and the formative years of his son Damian Wayne

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