Sunday, January 19, 2020

Star Wars Comic A Day: Day 19: Rise of Kylo Ren 2

Star Wars: The Rise Of Kylo Ren (2019-) #2 (of 4)
Creators: Charles Soule : Writer, Will Sliney: Artist, GURU-efx: Colorist, VC's Travis Lanham: Letterer
This second issue picks up at the same place we left Ben and Snoke in issue 1. The pair are walking through Snoke's  garden while Ben plots his next move. The intimacy of the scenes with Ben and Snoke are very telling. There is definite nudging of Ben but it's also clear that Ben is extremely angry. It simmers to the surface with the simplest turn of phrase. Like when Snoke mentions the name Ben Solo might night be welcomed by the Knights of Ren. Ben hates his name and readers learn that he is well aware that Solo was NOT Hans true name.
While Ben reflects on how to reach out to the Knights we get a flashback story of Ben, Luke and  Lor San Tekka meeting the Knights for the first time.
In this story Ben and Luke are on missions to find Jedi artifacts. Another revelation in this story is that Ben and Snoke have apparently been communicating telepathically for a long time.
Luke battles the Knights quite easily and  the Ren departs, leaving behind his mask and a warning to Luke of the darkness growing inside Ben.
The issue ends with  Ben connecting with the Ren and being confronted once again by the surviving members of Luke's Jedi temple.
I still find myself conflicted with the info being presented so far. It appears more that Snoke is just gently flaming sparks in Ben that were already lit. His anger at his father is still not clear unless it's tied to his anger at being sent to Luke. Sometimes a bad egg is just a bad egg! I'm so excited for the next few issues! The art on this series continues to be amazing.  Snoke's outfits continue to thrill me, I hope we get one more outfit change before the series ends. 

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