Tuesday, April 21, 2020

7 Day Relaxation Challenge Day 2: Alternate Nostril Breathing

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Photo credit : From the Site Charleyoga

Everyone experiences stress differently. I find myself feeling itchy on parts of my body and very quick to anger when I'm stressed. Alternate Nostril Breathing is a quick tool I use to balance myself. It's easy to do and gives almost instantaneous calm. The trickiest thing can be hand position. There is a special yogic positioning to hold your hand in that I will attach a video below for , but don't get sidetracked by positioning.

I use both my index fingers to hold each nostril down. This type of breathing calms the nervous system, clears your mind and helps you focus, and it improves lung function and respiratory endurance. 

This breathing is usually beneficial for all people but if you have respiratory issues and feel any discomfort stop immediately. The goal in this exercise is not to CHANGE how you normally breathe but to have you take longer, focused breaths.

Here is a demonstration of the technique:


Also make sure to wash your hands before and after the practice. Use a face wipe to clean out your nostrils as well before and after practicing.

Let me know if you tried it and how you felt afterwards!!!

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